Must Have Earrings for this Upcoming Spring Racing Carnival

Must Have Earrings for this Upcoming Spring Racing Carnival

The Spring Carnival is one of the biggest fashion moments of the year in Australia. From high end couture fashion to handmade and crafted fascinators, every year we see the best of the best in Australian fashion. Dressing and accessorising for the day on the green isn’t always exactly easy however,  finding the perfect match to stand out from the crowd. 

Earrings are exactly the same, do you go for fun and funky earrings that make a statement, something big and bold or something classic and timeless? The opportunities seem endless and sometimes it can seem like a daunting task. So we’ve put together the ultimate earrings to match any and every outfit with the perfect earring for you and your personal style.


We’ve seen the resurgence of florals re-emerge this year, with a fresh and updated twist on the classic and timeless pattern. There’s a few different ways to style this kind of look when it comes to earrings. 

Our personal favourite? Creating a floral story through utilising floral / flower earrings. Flower earrings can bring out a pop of colour in the dress and create harmony or contrast within your outfit depending on what you’re looking for. Big flower earrings are an ideal way to create this contrast, while delicate dainty smaller and colour matching pieces can also tie a look together.

Here’s some of our own collection to choose from: 

Morgan is a great choice for those looking to add a pop of colour and personality to their jewellery choices with its lightweight petal drop, in seven colour ways it’s sure to be the ultimate flower earring to tie your look together for not only the races, but any other event. 

Morgan Earrings - Entire Me Morgan Earrings Yellow

If you’re looking for a big flower earring to accompany your dress that creates a statement and contrast to your race day fashion, our rose gold or silver textured Alyssa earring is a simple and eye catching way to make your jewellery pop on the green.

  Alyssa earring Alyssa earring


Entire Me


With Spring upon us and the fashion world’s current obsession with colour blocking and bright bold colours, it’s no secret that this style choice will be showing up at the green. However understandably, some can find it really hard to style due to how vivid and strong the colours already are. 

We’ve found it best when styling this type of look to follow its vibe with funky earrings. Think earrings that are fun, like pom pom earrings or a brightly coloured tassel earring! Earrings like this allow you to translate that some colour blocking over to your jewellery. Alternatively, a small detailed stud also gives room for the colours and outfit to shine.

Here’s some of our own collection to choose from: 

The best and easiest way to incorporate your colour blocking into earrings is by matching the colour, our Chrissy tassel earrings allow you to do this with ease and style with seven colour suites and a multi layered bold drop design.

Chrissy Earrings Chrissy Earrings

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something smaller and more delicate our Baby Bee earrings will definitely make you the buzz of the runway. With refined detailing and a pearl stud, they’re timeless while still showcasing your personality.

Baby Bee Earrings Baby Bee Earrings

Entire Me


We’ve also been loving the trend surrounding simple, well designed pieces from local Australian and international designers. From asymmetric patterns to classic silhouettes, we’re so excited to see all the beautiful gowns and jumpsuits that will be on the field in 2022. 

The best route for simple and sleek is two options. Option one is to create contrast with a statement earring, think big, fun and bright or option two is to do something more understated and small like a stud in a matching or neutral colour suite.

Here’s some of our own collection to choose from: 

Now if our Tiffany earrings weren’t a match made in heaven for Spring Carnival, we don’t know what would be. The ultimate big, fun statement earring for Spring Carnival, the Tiffany earrings is a vibrant combination of crystals and tassels that actually features two crystal horses.

Tiffany Earrings

For something more neutral and classic, our oversized Sophie studs are the perfect way to add a pop of metallics into any monochrome look or to create a timeless, polished look. 

Sophie Earrings

Entire Me Earrings



Just like everyone else we love a jumpsuit / playsuit. Not only are the comfortable and light, but they add a whole extra level of sophistication

Unlike the simple and sleek category which suggests a statement, big and funky earring, we think the sophistication and fun of rattan earrings are the perfect match for this style of race day jewellery. Rattan has been extremely popular in both the fashion and designing space all year and it’s a great choice to add into your jewellery choices that won’t overwhelm the beauty of the outfit you’ve chosen for the races. 

Rattan earrings are also a great way to add texture and depth while also keeping a crisp and refined look to your jewellery choices.

Here’s some of our own collection to choose from: 

Emily is the rattan earring of your dreams, with a toasty colour, these mid sized geometric earrings accompany any outfit with ease, looks especially great with neutral colours like white and blacks and brights like yellows and pinks.


Emily Earrings

Also a great option is our Karen earring, this beautiful flat round design features a black jewel to fit seamlessly with any outfit, all while adding an extra touch of refinement and sophistication to your look.

Karen Earrings


Entire Me - Earrings


Think Rat and Boa, Zimmermann, Alice McCall or Camilla and Marc. These oftentimes patterned and flowy dresses are perfectly accompanied by similarly aesthetic bohemian earrings. 

Often made with texture, these funky and oftentimes big statement earrings could be made of tassel, feature intricate designs and are perfect for matching with the wear and patterns of the season and creating extra movement and dimension within any outfit.

Here’s some of our own collection to choose from: 

If boho was an earring it would be our Ella earring, the whimsical, free-spirited colour waves matched with it’s resin and crystal beaded flower earring design make it the perfect match for those wearing jewel and earth tones on the day.


Ella Earrings Ella Earrings


The ultimate bohemian earring, our Persia tassel earrings are a great balance and statement piece to compliment your outfit, goes great with simple fabrics and vintage pieces.


Persia Earrings


Entire Me - Earrings

Jewellery just like the clothes we wear represents our own personality, which means there will be a different perfect pair for every single person and every single outfit so it doesn’t matter if it’s pearls, diamonds, rattan or sterling silver as long as it feels like you and something you love to wear that’s all that matters.

But we hope you find your must-have pair or make which style you’re going to choose for the upcoming racing season just a touch easier. No matter if that means at the end of the day whether you’re wearing big pom poms earrings on your ears, our crazy fun Tiffany earrings that feature two crystallised horses or the daintiest hoops.

So whether you’re getting dressed up for champagne and caviar at Flemington or just with your friends together at home to watch the big races, we hope whatever earrings you wear on the day make you feel beautiful. Because at the end of the day that is what it is all about!

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